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Bangshot, The Ultimate Wellness Injection

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Let’s get started, what are Bangshots?

Bangshots are The Dr Shot’s exclusive combination injection that includes 4 different components. The first is Lipotropic compounds which are 3 different aminos that are used to aid in transporting fat and removing it from the body. Second, we add B12 which helps improve your energy levels. B12 also boosts your metabolism and helps your body burn fat. Next we add vitamin B-Complex will help with deficiencies, your mood, depression and anxiety. There are 7 different B vitamins included in our B-Complex. Lastly we add Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) which is a powerful antioxidant and immune system booster.

All of these combined together are what we call our Bangshot, the ultimate wellness injection that was designed to focus on your body, mind and quality of life.

What are the benefits of Bangshot Injections?

  • Weight Loss

  • Appetite Suppressant

  • Increases Metabolism

  • Boost Metabolism

  • Reduces Stored Fat

  • Energy Boost

  • Improves Fatigue

  • Enhances Mood and Reduces Stress

  • Improves Quality of Sleep

  • Improves Anxiety and Depression

  • Improve Mental Focus and Clarity

  • Aids in Digestion

  • Improves Liver Function and Detox

  • Immune System Boost

  • Glowing Skin

  • Benefits Collagen Formation

  • Promotes Healing

Why Bangshot Injections supersede taking oral supplements!

Do you have a cabinet filled with different vitamin bottles? Different brands and absorbency promises piling up ready for the selection you're going to make for your body each day and night. That used to be me! In fact, that was my mother, grandmother and best girlfriend as well.

When you take just 1 single Bangshot, your body absorbs the nutrients completely. Since the supplements are injected intramuscularly bypassing the digestive process, they start to work immediately. Clients usually feel the effects and benefits 24-72 hours after the treatment and they LAST ALL WEEK!

Did you know that when you take an oral supplement, your body can only absorb less than 10% with traditional tablets or capsules. WHAT! This is because it is a slow process to filter through your digestive system and metabolize. Side note: I can still hear my mother in my head saying “take your vitamins!”.

Bangshot injections bring on a whole new convenient way for your body to receive the nutrients you truly need and maximize on your investment to yourself and your wallet.

The Dr Shot was created for two reasons, to provide a service backed by Physicians that provides you the ability to take care of your overall wellness from the comfort of your home and to provide an easy, painless process that is not intimidating so you feel confidence while doing so.

Are the Injections Painful?

When I discovered injections through my Naturopath Doctor, the truth is, I was nervous. Shots at the doctor or needles have never been my thing. My mindset was “well if I can have a child I can do this!”.

Through the development of The Dr Shot, it was a main priority to create a HomeKit that doesn't include big needles or intimidating injections, we wanted the process to be easy and painless.

All of our HomeKits are designed with small, painless needles and syringes prefilled for you with simple instructions which makes the entire process easy to do. No sweat!

Boost Your Life with Bangshot Injections!

The Dr Shot offers home kits with a 30-60 day supply delivered directly to your home. You can purchase many dietary supplement injection kits and complete a quick patient form that will be reviewed and approved by the Physician and delivered to your home anywhere in the United States.

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