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B12 Injections vs. Lipo-B Injections

What is the difference between B12 Injections and B12 Lipotropic (Fat Burner) Injections?

Many patients assume that B12 Injections and B12 Lipotropic Injections are the same thing, but the fact is, there is a huge difference in what these injections do. We think it is important for you to truly understand what these differences are and what they can do for your overall health.

What are B12 Injections?

Typically B12 Injections are given to patients who have a B12 deficiency and they are given intramuscular. Many individuals who practice a vegan diet have been found deficient in vitamin B12. For the last several years, B12 Injections have been also given to patients who do not have clinical deficiency, but they want to reap the benefits that the injections provide.

B12 Injections are concentrated, formulated in a pharmacy and used to boost your energy and metabolism. They give the body further resources to produce more red blood cells to carry larger amounts of oxygen throughout the body. Those who receive these injections can benefit from increased energy and reduced feelings of fatigue.

What are B12 Lipotropic Injections?

Recently, Lipotropic Injections have become a popular treatment which is quickly gaining a reputation for helping patients increase energy, boost metabolism, and burn fat at quicker rates than before. These injections are formulated with a compound of ingredients. The base of the injection is Vitamin B12, the other ingredients include fat burning and metabolism increasing amino acids that work with the body to eliminate unwanted fat and remove toxins that clog up your metabolic rate.

You can separate the amino acids present into two different categories - amino acids that mobilize fat and amino acids that increase metabolism. We can break down how both sets of amino acids work.

Mobilize Fat

Methionine, inositol and choline are three amino acids that are key to mobilizing fat. Methionine is a protein-based amino acid that helps your body release fatty proteins, inositol helps stimulate the removal of fat from the liver to prevent fat storage, and choline prevents cholesterol and fat build up within your arteries.

Increase Metabolism

Adenosine and L-carnitine are both amino acids that work to increase the metabolism in the body. L-carnitine is used for converting fat into energy that can be used. In conjunction with B12, these amino acids work to increase your natural metabolic rate, and your body becomes more proficient in turning food into energy and you can use.

Compare to Over the Counter Supplements

What about OTC supplements? While it is possible to find vitamin B12 and a few lipotropic amino acids in the vitamin aisle, that may not mean that those supplements will be remotely close to as effective as B12 Lipotropic Injections.

There are a few reasons why it might be a better idea to avoid using OTC supplements. One reason is that the FDA does not regulate supplements as strictly as other OTC medications, which means you cannot always be certain of what you are buying. Second, many people have a hard time digesting and absorbing nutrients from supplements, which is why we strongly suggest injections since they will absorb completely into your body. Lastly, you may not be getting the correct amount or combination of ingredients to mimic true lipotropic injections and this means oral supplements will likely be less effective in what you want them to do.

How to get the most out of your Lipotropic Injections?

This will typically be determined by each patient and lipotropic injections are not a fix-all treatment for all of your weight loss goals. Just like any other treatment, these injections are an aid that can assist you in reaching your ultimate goal quickly. Some of the things you can do to get every benefit from this treatment include:


This is a more traditional way to increase your metabolism and burn fat. Moving your body and increasing your heart rate regularly prompts your body to convert fat into energy. Lipotropic shots can help you increase your metabolism quickly and combining these injections with exercise can keep your metabolism at a steady, higher level.


Eating balanced is another way of managing your metabolism and weight. We feel this one is crucial for overall health. This means more whole foods and less refined or processed foods, as well as eating higher proteins and dairy. It is important to invest into a support team or coach if you are not familiar with how your individual body needs to balance its nutrition.


We promote maintaining healthy lifestyle habits to get the most out of your Lipotropic Injections. An example of this would be drinking less alcohol in excess makes your liver work harder and less efficiently which can undermine the amino acids in your injection and make it more difficult to see rapid benefits. Sleep is another important factor. It is important to have a regular sleep schedule which will make it easier to maintain your metabolism and easier to lose weight.

Boost Your Life with B12 Lipotropic Injections!

The Dr Shot offers home kits with a 30-60 day supply delivered directly to your home. You can purchase many dietary supplement injection kits and complete a quick patient form that will be reviewed and approved by the Physician and delivered to your home anywhere in the United States.

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