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The Dr Shot is a home delivery service for all of your Vitamin and Peptide Injection needs. We offer 30-60 day supplies in a HomeKit that is prescribed by a Physician and shipped direct to your home all over the USA.

How It Works

  • Shop the different HomeKits we have available. Review the benefits that would work best for you.

  • Add to cart and complete your purchase.

  • Once purchase is complete, fill out the Patient Form located on our website.

  • After you submit your form, our Physician will review your order and your private medical information.

  • The Physician will contact you only if he needs further information from you to approve your dietary supplements.

  • Once approved which is typically 24-48 hours, we will place your product order with our pharmacy and ship your HomeKit to you typically within 10-15 business days of your purchase.

  • Your HomeKit will come complete with preloaded individual syringe barrels and fastened with luer lock caps. We include alcohol wipes and individually wrapped needle tips that easily attach for a quick, painless injection. 

  • You will receive digital instructions on how and where to inject to the email you provided when purchasing. 

Vitamin Injections absorb 100% into the body, unlike powder or pill form supplements. Our service is convenient so you no longer need to drive to a clinic or medical spa, cheaper when purchased in bulk of 4 or 8 packs and easy to inject that is painless and full of benefits.

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